Extend the life and use of CL4 applications

CL4 technology has been used to build many sites for businesses with large scale and high demand website requirements.

In line with the development of internet technology, CL4 performs particularly well in the deployment of ecommerce where the rapid introduction of new and clever technology is so critical. CL4 keeps pace with the rapid changes in the world of technology, and as the expectations of customers become increasingly sophisticated.

Crucial to your ongoing success is working with a technology partner who has vast and comprehensive experience with CL4 technology. This is a unique area of expertise that sets Multibase apart. Our development team are the original developers and designers of CL4 programming language and database.

Many businesses are now facing the challenge of how to extend the life of their CL4 applications. We specialise in this area, along with integration to other systems, modern web services and interfaces. Working with Multibase you can have complete confidence in the integrity and longevity of your CL4 enhancement.

The many benefits of partnering with Multibase for CL4 applications

The priority for all businesses is to get high performance, at a low price, with flexible licensing options. This is the model we work with at Multibase. The client is central and we aim to support you in every way possible, including:

  • Develop web services with SOAP and maintain security with Blowfish encryption
  • Develop with multilingual support, including Chinese and Thai characters
  • Develop rapidly with demonstration applications that include many common procedures
  • Efficient, relational database system and fourth generation application programming language with full support for large databases

Please contact us now for a free consultation. As the original creators of CL4 we can assist you with the kind of deep knowledge and specific expertise that gives you complete confidence.