Carpark Compliance Solutions drives growth with mbase360

Carpark Compliance Solutions (CCS) repositions the business and educates their market to drive growth with a new product focused website.

Business need

CCS is a specialist provider of safety solutions for dynamic environments, supplying products and delivering consultancy, installation and maintenance services for vehicle and pedestrian protection. The company has a client portfolio of State and Local Governments, property management firms, and logistics and commercial parking operators, including Lend Lease, Mirvac, NSW Health and Liverpool and Parramatta City Councils.

The company was launched in 2009 to assist businesses and organisations to protect vehicles and pedestrians using their property, to identify and manage the associated risks and liabilities, and to ensure compliance with Australian standards in this area. At the time, businesses were shocked into action on safety by a number of high profile cases that resulted in serious injury, and CCS responded to a demand for consultation services as businesses sought to understand their duty of care to their clients and vehicles on their property. At this time, the company’s website and messaging reflected this demand with a strong focus on consultation services that was aimed at property owners and operators.

As a broader understanding of these safety issues spread in the business community, and as other competitors began to enter their domain, CCS wanted to shift their messaging to reflect a new emphasis on quality product solutions and the website was identified as a key channel to do this. CCS had also been awarded exclusive distribution rights for Berry Systems products in Australia, which positions the company as a supplier of safety products with a global reputation for quality, adding further weight to a shift to product focused solutions.

With businesses now understanding the need for compliance, the audience for the company’s message had also shifted. As engineers and purchasing departments were tasked with sourcing safety solutions as a matter of course, and as inferior safety products from other suppliers entered the market, CCS needed to highlight their difference as suppliers of a superior product range and established experts in their field.

As Michael Reid, General Manager at CCS, explains: “We very much wanted to change our emphasis to be more focused on our product, and to be more informative, which Multibase was able to do very well.”

The company also took the opportunity to bring management of the site in-house, to add mobile compatibility for the site and add a modern, responsive design.

Key challenges

CCS markets to a number of different industries, with experience and expertise in industrial, commercial and community environments. The company’s message had to be redefined to reflect their expertise and experience among their competitors, and to better represent the focus on quality product solutions among growing competition from other imported products.

  • A new information architecture was required to emphasis the company’s range of product solutions
  • Entirely new content and key messaging were needed to build out the company’s vision for their new positioning and points of difference
  • Stakeholder engagement had to be managed to fit in with the busy work schedules of key CCS staff

“CCS is going through a rapid period of growth, the website and our online presence is a big focus of our growth driver to drive out our market share. The content of the website layout is really our shop front,” explains Michael.


CCS signed onto Multibase’s mbase360 end-to-end solution which covered everything the company required:

  • Digital strategy
  • Content creation and brand messaging
  • Graphic design and web development
  • Mobile enablement
  • Easy in-house website management
  • Training and helpdesk support


“The website redesign was aimed to increase traffic, and to increase the unique site visits for our clients and potential clients,” says Michael. “I’m really happy with the end-product. It’s easy to navigate and perfect for our target market – a good mix of content and layout. I’m really pleased with it. We’ve had new enquiries come in through the website, and that will grow as our business grows.”

“There is a very positive outlook,” he concludes. “We’re experiencing growth and Multibase is certainly integral to that. We’ve got a good understanding of what we require, and what our objectives are. We’re very happy with what we’ve achieved.”

One of the key features for CCS was the use of video on the site, which was implemented by the mbase360 team. The company has a catalogue of product demonstration videos which were provided by their supplier, and Multibase worked these into the website product catalogue as short and effective clips of the products in action. Michael explains, “The feature I’m particularly pleased with was the integration of video into the website - our products are crash-tested impact barriers with high-end engineering specifications and we’re able to show that crash test and very neatly capture what we do.”

Multibase’s responsive website design also means that the videos and product information are accessible on any device, which is a plus for their busy audience.

For businesses in a similar position to CCS, Michael’s advice would be: “Part of it is having a clear objective, a clear understanding of who your target market is – who your customers are and how you want to communicate with them. And also how they want to hear from you – this is even more important.”

Customer profile

Carpark Compliance Solutions are distributors of fully engineered and tested vehicle, pedestrian and industrial safety containment systems and perimeter edge protection, also providing complete installation and maintenance services.