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Improved service delivery and reduced costs with a new site

English Teachers Association of NSW launches a new web site that increases quality and range of membership, publications and event opportunities for professional development of the members. A difficult integration with a remote client information system is achieved.

Business need

ETA wanted to develop its use of web technologies further to achieve its goals for easier management of and access to professional development, communication, ecommerce and publications for its time-challenged members.

Key challenges

  • An information architecture that provides easy access to site content for busy users
  • Successful operation of third party modules with the core system and each other
  • Integration of the web site with a complex, office-hosted legacy system, handling subscriptions, membership details, and sales information
  • Configuration and customisation of the online shop to enable complex event registrations and publication delivery to be managed by non-technical staff
  • Security of downloadable publications
  • Categorising and indexing the site contents to enable easy search, balancing search engine visibility with security of the client’s valuable content
  • Managing expectations of extensive, customisable functionality with very modest budget
  • Introducing new business processes to non-technical staff


In collaboration with ETA, Multibase integrated ETA’s branding into a new graphic design. The design was installed it into a leading open source web content management platform, DotNetNuke, which is built and hosted on the Microsoft platform to give robust performance, security and extensibility. The web site accepts registrations and payments for regular professional development events and the resources shop sells downloadable publications. Members can easily renew online and access other benefits by logging in. Hundreds of pages of teaching resources are available without charge for members only, using a sophisticated information architecture installed into a content repository that enables search and browsing by category.


The new graphic design gives the web site an easily navigable interface that remains consistent and unbroken for non-technical site managers. Relatively standard web site functions have been customised to suit ETA’s needs so that it can continue to grow the functions of the web site. The platform established enables non-technical ETA staff to manage the shop selling downloadable, new online-only memberships, and event registrations, with training and support by Multibase. The site is highly visible to search and designed so that the constantly changing home page retains freshness for both visitors and search engines.

Customer information

The English Teachers' Association of NSW is a professional association of teachers committed to stimulating teaching and learning in English. ETA seeks to present examples of best practice in the profession to promote rich learning experiences for teachers and secondary students. ETA's purpose is to support its members through the provision of professional development of teachers and advocacy in the interests of ensuring the quality and appropriateness of the experience of English for students.