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Disaster recovery strategy is the bedrock of business success

None of us want to think about disaster. But those businesses with a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy are the ones that will survive and thrive. We are in the information era, where data collected and stored electronically provides the most value and also the most risk.

Human error can occur. Systems can fail - due to something as simple as information overload. And system hacking will always be part of the technology landscape. This is why disaster recovery must be at the top of your technology provision priorities.

It's common in uncertain times to over react or take a 'head in the sand approach'. Technology is moving so fast. So are the associated challenges and dangers. As a business it's far too difficult to keep on top of information security. How do you develop a risk management plan that is realistic, that is right for your business, without technical overkill?

Multibase takes the worry out of data loss. We'll be straightforward in our assessment and recommendations about how and why disaster recovery should play a role in your technology strategy.

A focus on pragmatic strategies to reduce risk and cost

We're not interested in scare tactics at Multibase. Our many years of experience mean we assess your IT systems, and give you grounded, realistic advice about the best disaster recovery strategy to implement. This means you can get on with your core business and your customers, staff and business partners benefit from:

  • Managed backups and disaster recovery services
  • Practical solutions fully implemented from design to deployment with a trusted partner
  • Assurance about confidentiality, security of data and due diligence requirements and requests
  • Risk management across the board including: people, processes, assets and information - natural, physical and in the online space
  • Smooth updating of existing systems and plans - find out why disaster recovery strategies should be assessed regularly
  • Recovery plans that include environmental challenges such as remote locations, new premises, moving offices etc

Please contact us if you have any doubts whatsoever about your existing disaster recovery systems. If they haven't been tried and tested in a while, chances are they will be out of date. Your business continuity can be at real risk. This is why disaster recovery plans are best developed and implemented by an IT partner who stays up to date with developments in data and information security.

Our free consultation and needs analysis will give you a clear disaster recovery road map and ensure you are well prepared for the demands and challenges of the current information technology landscape.