Introducing a complete mobile application architecture in the cloud

  • TickYour processes and information on any device
  • TickDelivered as a fully managed cloud service
  • TickNo software to install and no new hardware
  • TickEnterprise mobility with a unique activity centred approach
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Why enterprise mobility?

Enterprise needs a platform to quickly, reliably and securely provide an 'on demand' service for activity based apps, incorporating any manner of information sources across the widest range of devices.

There's a massive technology and cultural shift happening around smartphones, tablets and cloud services. There's significant business benefit in riding this rising tide of capability to achieve cost savings and competitive advantage.

We make it easy for enterprises to harness emerging technologies that extend their core business systems to transform existing processes and activities on an ongoing basis.

Introducing the BlinkMobile platform

Multibase builds solutions on the BlinkMobile platform that make it easy for enterprise to harness the emerging technologies that can extend core business systems, transform existing processes, and build a foundation for continual business improvement.

The BlinkMobile ecosystem is designed for business leaders to continually unlock value from the rising tide of capability in the new mobile era.

It's a comprehensive mobile application architecture residing in 'ready to go' cloud infrastructure, delivered as a constantly evolving service that is supported by expert technology partners.

  • Office Worker
  • Mobile Worker
  • Field Worker

Just the interactions your users need

BlinkMobile's Interaction-oriented Architecture allows you to deliver just the interactions your users need on the devices they want to use, allowing you to repurpose your existing information systems whilst taking advantage of the extra features available on state-of-the-art devices and web services.

  • Identify the interactions that it makes sense to mobilise
  • Build them with as much user involvement as possible
  • Deliver them quickly
  • Improve them responsively

Pack only what you need

Many enterprises are struggling to deploy their business processes onto mobile devices.

This typically means that they're attempting to cram entire business systems onto their employees' phones and tablets. Our approach is different.

We start with activity-based apps that give your employees just what they need to support, enhance and streamline their work in a mobile context.

A platform is more than tools

Mobility delivers efficiencies for enterprise by improving specific business processes. To fully realise the improvement potential, you need a mobility solution that helps you respond to change and gives you choices about the way you deploy your apps.

BlinkMobile is fast, extensible, well documented, open and adaptable for the future. Create links into your existing systems and networks with over 70 connectors and a great environment to create new ones.

With enterprise grade security, identity management, analytics and a fully auditable architecture, you can think 'beyond the app' and harness powerful cloud services to safely embrace the opportunity for business innovation.

You need a platform when...

I need a solution to help me deliver business apps rapidly on an ongoing basis.
We need to support different device types and operating systems.
We don't want to install and maintain our own infrastructure.
We don't have the expertise or resources to build apps with low-level code libraries.
We need to integrate our apps with our existing security controls and backend systems.
Off-the-shelf products just don't fit our business processes.
I need a solution that's agile so I can keep up with changing business requirements.
No problem - we provide a single development, delivery and management environment to deploy your apps quickly and easily.
Our ready-to-go solution handles the heavy lifting for all of the intensive aspects of commercial app delivery like device compatibility.
We deliver our platform as a service on robust, cloud-based infrastructure with no software installation or hardware for you to build or maintain.
Our structured system and architecture removes the need to maintain specialised in-house development skills.
Our system provides you with a well-documented development environment and 70+ prebuilt connectors to kick start your integration.
Our centralised system helps you to manage the experience and branding for all of your apps from a single location.
We give you a future-proof capability to ride the rising tide of device and service enhancements with no integration effort.
Hi, my company has some particular requirements and we would like to know if Blink Mobile will suit us.
Sure! I'll be happy to assist.

What our users say

Enterprises are realising genuine business benefits through mobility on the BlinkMobile platform, so we're proud of a growing and loyal customer base.

BlinkMobile provides a management and deployment environment that makes the delivery of post-PC apps straightforward across your business.

Clients value the rapid development and fast return, with the certainty that they can take full advantage of present and future device and cloud service innovations.

Case studies

Queensland Airports

Queensland Airports deploys a BlinkMobile solution to create a safer, more efficient workplace in the air and on the ground.


BlinkMobile simplifies the delivery of information to mobile users for Wyong Council, giving ratepayers and staff easier access to more information with major cost savings.

Brisbane Catholic Education

BCE creates a streamlined communication channel for parents, bringing relationships closer and benefiting the entire school community.

NSW Food Authority

NSWFA makes us all safer with a mobile solution for field auditors that means more inspections are completed faster.


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