Introducing a smarter approach to enterprise mobility

  • TickYour processes and information on any device
  • TickDelivered as a fully managed service
  • TickIntegrated with your core systems and processes
  • TickEnterprise mobility with a unique activity centred approach
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Why does mobility need to be smarter?

Enterprise needs a truly integrated approach to mobility to quickly, reliably and securely provide the right information at the right time, delivered across the widest range of devices.

Smartphones and tablets are key business tools that can deliver huge productivity gains. Truly integrated mobile solutions deliver the information you need from your core business systems and allow you to update data anywhere without manual re-entry or complicated workarounds.

We make it easy for businesses to harness mobile technologies that extend your core systems to genuinely transform existing processes and activities. Our solutions connect you seamlessly to what's important to you.

Integrated mobile solutions

Multibase builds mobility solutions that integrate your core business systems to deliver just the information you need now, and make it easy capture key contextual data from extended device capabilities such as geolocation, camera, orientation and motion and connection status.

Our solutions are designed for business leaders to continually unlock new value from the rising tide of capability in the mobile era.

We build each solution around your key success measures to free you from the constraints of other software vendors' bloated mobile add-ons.

  • Office Worker
  • Nurse Worker
  • Engineer Worker

The right information at the right time

Multibase's user-first architecture allows you to deliver just the interactions you need on the devices you want to use, harnessing and preserving the value in your core business systems while you take advantage of the extra capabilities available from whatever devices you choose.

  • Identify the processes that it makes sense to mobilise
  • Build a mobile solution with as much user involvement as possible
  • Deliver quickly and improve the solution responsively

Only what you need

Many enterprises are struggling to deploy their business processes onto mobile devices.

This typically means that they're attempting to cram entire business systems onto a phone or tablet. Our approach is different.

We start with focussed, activity-centred apps that give your employees just what they need to support, enhance and streamline their work using mobile technologies.

More than just apps

Mobility delivers efficiencies by improving specific business processes. To fully realise the improvement potential, you need a mobility solution that helps you respond to change and gives you control about the way you mobilise your business processes.

Multibase's mobile solutions are fast, extensible, open and adaptable for the future. We create links into your existing systems and networks with a truly integrated approach that works seamlessly and securely.

With enterprise-grade security, identity management and robust integration with your core systems, you can think 'beyond the app' and harness the power of mobility to safely embrace the opportunity for business innovation.

Can we help you?

1 We need a solution to help me deliver business apps rapidly on an ongoing basis.
2 We need to support different device types and operating systems.
3 We don't want to install and maintain our own infrastructure.
4 We don't have the expertise or resources to build our own apps.
5 We need to integrate our apps with our existing security controls and backend systems.
6 Off-the-shelf products just don't fit our business processes.
7 We need a solution that's agile so we can keep up with changing business requirements.
No problem - we build mobility solutions on robust and mature technologies to deploy your apps quickly and easily.
Our solution handles the heavy lifting for all of the intensive aspects of commercial app delivery like device compatibility.
We deliver mobile solutions as a service on robust, locally-managed infrastructure with hardware for you to build or maintain.
Our own development team removes the need for you to maintain specialised in-house skills.
Our solutions are developed to harness your core systems with security at the forefront.
Our approach to mobility is flexible and tailored to your processes so you can focus on your business.
We give you a future-proof capability to take advantage of new mobile technologies as they emerge.

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