Build smarter apps and richer interactions with proximity

What is proximity?

Proximity is a technology that connects actions and objects in the workplace to the IT systems you work with everyday

It's the Internet of Things, adding new possibilities for mobility in the workplace and it's all about adding context to the way we interact with IT systems.

Context is the additional and inter-related information all around us that we can use to bring better awareness about our location and situation into these interactions.

How does it work?

We use proximity devices called beacons to bridge the gap between the physical world and the systems you use to transact information in the workplace.

Beacons are tiny, low cost and low powered transmitters that can interact with nearby smart devices: phones, tablets and other mobile devices that are now a part of the way we work.

Beacons are the perfect partner for mobile technologies in the enterprise
Beacons transmit low energy Bluetooth radio signals
Beacons are tiny, low powered transmitters
Android and iOS
Compatible with any mobile device
Low energy Bluetooth
Safe with a low-energy Bluetooth signal
Long life battery
Independently battery powered or connected to AC
Indoor and outdoor
Indoor and outdoor and even waterproof
No connection required
Free from wired network connections

Proximity can trigger actions on mobile devices, prompting action, alerts and notifications, loading information or launching smart workplace apps to connect with your backend IT systems.

Checkmark Beacons are the perfect partner for other mobile technologies in the enterprise.

How can you use proximity?

The buzz around proximity technology is all about what you can do with location-based information.

Ask yourself: if you knew THIS HERE NOW...
Time based information Provide different, time-based information depending on proximity and duration at a beacon
Rich personalised data Use rich, personalised data in your apps to assist users to complete tasks easily and efficiently
Location based actions Create a series of location-based actions or guide users to defined places with their device
Detailed statistics Capture and analyse detailed statistics on users activities within a defined physical area

Capture data about your users

Build rich data sets from basic proximity information to improve and enhance the experience your users have, both now and when they return to your proximity-enabled zone.

  • Who are they?Who are they?
  • When did they arrive?When did they arrive?
  • When did they leave?How long did they stay?
  • How far away are they?How far away are they?
  • What device are they using?What device are they using?

Build better applications

A great proximity solution is not about the proximity hardware, it's about the richer interactions you can build with proximity-aware apps on mobile devices that move through a proximity-enabled zone.

Build better apps with rich contextual information

Adding context to mobile apps
Whitepaper: Adding context to mobile apps

Smartphones and tablets already deliver additional capabilities that can be harnessed to boost productivity, workflow and compliance and by adding proximity, you can build truly smart business applications.

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Checkmark Proximity devices can be used in fixed locations or carried on moving assets... even people!

Where can you use proximity?

Proximity has real world applications in manufacturing, transport, health, education and much more.

Transport and logistics Transport and logistics Equip vehicles with a beacon that automatically retrieves the driver's manifest and delivery dockets from your load planning system into a delivery app and loads maps from a spatial provider like Google
Plus Automatically record transit and waiting times from beacon proximity data as the driver enters and exits the vehicle
Health and community services Health and community services Create a beacon network around client locations and integrate a carers' app with your case management system to assist staff to read and make notes and view test results
Plus Capture time and motion statistics from beacon touch points as carers move through the network to manage their clients
Events and attractions Events and attractions Add a digitally interactive experience to a venue by creating a beacon zone that provides program and exhibit information with location guidance into mobile browsers plus a survey at exit points
Plus Generate heat maps of visitor traffic across your venue by aggregating proximity and stay time data from your beacon zone
Resources and manufacturing Resources and manufacturing Fit out the workplace with task-specific beacon subnetworks that provide safety alerts and guide trainees and workers through complex operations with a procedural app
Plus Record compliance and capture training competency data for your induction system as workers move through beacon zones

Proximity-enabled workplaces

Any workplace can become a proximity-enabled zone.
Proximity zones can be indoors or outside and they can be any size, from a few metres with just one beacon to kilometres wide with many beacons. Zones can 'overlap' or be spaced apart and you have control over the action that each beacon triggers at distances that you define, from half a metre away or as far as 30m away.

0m Proximity beacon
<0.5m Immediate range Immediate
2m Near range Near
30m Far range Far
>30m Unknown range Unknown
Proximity for asset management
Use case: Proximity for asset management

The next exciting phase in mobilisation of asset maintenance is proximity and context including automatic awareness of field worker's precise activity, and enforced workflow and WH&S practices.

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Proximity for local government
Use case: Proximity for local government vehicle fleets

Increase the richness and accuracy of data collected in a mobile enabled inspection application for local government, with the simple addition of proximity beacons in each vehicle to improve context awareness.

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Checkmark Proximity can be used wherever a mobile app can improve business processes

Next steps

Getting started with proximity is easy and very cost effective. We can add proximity awareness to your existing apps or help you design and develop new custom applications that harness your existing information systems.

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