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Create a culture of engagement with your intranet website

It used to be that only 'IT geeks' were interested in engaging with technology. The work intranet website was viewed as a (fairly dull) necessity by most workers. But the rapidly shifting landscape means that we all engage with technology a lot more now, and we're all keen for good user experience.

A good way to think about an intranet website is not just what you want it to do, but how you want people to engage with it. Social media, smart phones, online interactivity - these all inform how people now want to engage with technology. Look at your intranet website as an opportunity to build a culture of creativity and collaboration. It needs to be easy for busy staff to learn and use.

Intranet website platforms are sophisticated and powerful. You can vastly improve the essentials of internal communication: knowledge management, communication, integration with other systems. But we encourage businesses to also think outside the square. Your intranet website provides a unique way for staff to work together and offer creative ideas. As they engage more within the work place, their sense of pride and ownership increases, which leads to greater productivity.

An intranet website that's flexible to changing business needs

Your Multibase consultation will take into account what you require from your intranet website. One of these things is flexibility. Businesses change and grow and it's cost prohibitive to have to build a new intranet website each time you experience a change. The Multibase model means your intranet website can:

  • Start small and grow with scalable, modular software solutions
  • Be hosted on site, in the cloud or at Multibase
  • Surface hidden knowledge in the organisation with familiar social features
  • Integrate with other business systems and applications
  • Improve knowledge management and distribution on a robust, secure platform

A huge benefit of working with a single provider like Multibase on your intranet website is that we manage every aspect, with complete strategy, design, development, hosting, maintenance and support services. And our support carries on so you have a team you know and trust to build a long term relationship with.

Contact us now for a free consultation. Our depth of experience with a vast range of businesses means we quickly get to the heart of what you need from your intranet website and can advise about your best options.