Client Stories

SAI Group

Property information solutions

Business need

When government departments Australia-wide started to move from providing manual retail access to their information to a wholesale model selling only through information brokers, Legalco Pty Ltd was a small law stationer turning over a few million dollars per year from their Sydney office. They approached Multibase to help them to become an information broker, delivering information via the Internet.

Key challenges

  • Security

  • Connectivity to remote data sources

  • Transaction volume

  • Business continuity


The SAI Global application used the CL4 scripting language and database, and the NetBroker information delivery system for isolation, authorisation, accounting, and delivery. It integrated Microsoft .NET applications and ePay for credit card clearance. It also accessed many remote data systems around the country, retrieving graphic, textual, and spatial data, and delivering it securely to authorised users in many locations.


Initially launched with connections only to the NSW Land Titles Office and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the business grew at 20% per month compound over the first 2 years. An IPO enabled further growth and expansion Australia-wide, with offices in all states. The system had connections to government departments and authorities in all states, serviced all the major banks and many financial institutions, and was one of the top 2 information brokers in the country. It processed many thousands of transactions each business day.                

Customer information

SAI Global provides a comprehensive range of personalised business support services, on-line and off-line, to solicitors, accountants, valuers, municipal councils, surveyors, real estate agents, credit agencies, private investigators, banks and financial institutions, and commercial agents, plus many other private and public companies.