ECommerce Integrations

eCommerce integration is practically what every retailer needs for a relaxing experience as customer and sales information from online store is automatically entered into back-office ERP or accounting system and it provides customers with essential and up-to-date information.

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What is eCommerce integration?

Ecommerce integration is a data transfer between your ecommerce website, and it’s back-end accounting and inventory system. Integrating your systems allows for the bidirectional flow of information or data between these systems. It is important to keep up the pace with lots of customers converting on multiple channels at once and keeping track of the path of your product transfer a warehouse to your client no matter which channels were used to complete a transaction.

Integration of eCommerce is basically what every retailer needs in order to relax. Lots of businesses have failed because of their inability to handle thousands of orders coming from different channels at the same time and their delivery orders process. These problems resulted in a number of malfunctions and missed order.

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Enrich your customers' shopping experience

While integration increases the operational efficiency, it is not just your team that is gaining more, but your customers are also having a better experience. The incorporation of your business processes helps you to enhance the customer experience. You achieve the following advantages by incorporating your website into your other online sales platforms and back-end systems.

Key benefits