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Learn how business systems integration will promote growth, eliminate unnecessary processes and connect information silos enabling you to see things about your business that are previously invisible.

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Disparate systems will lead to declined growth

A common phenomenon for businesses that have been around for a number of years is the 'legacy system sprawl'. This is where you started out with one system many years ago and have since added to it, brought in off-the-shelf products and tacked on new technology as it emerges. You might have built a number of manual processes around these semi or fully disparate systems. Without automated system integration, you're probably losing money, time and productivity leading to declined growth.  

Here are some compelling reasons if you need to consider a system integration or API development:

  • Do you have isolated business systems? It’s vital that various systems within your business can communicate with one another.
  • Do your staff struggle to access important information limiting their productivity?
  • Do your customers and suppliers find it difficult to interact with your system? As a result, they will be less informed and more reliant on your staff.
  • Are there manual processes in your day to day operations? Manual processes can be a hidden cost requiring resources and error prone.

Why Multibase?

Gain control of your business with Multibase System Integration process

With Multibase system integration you will gain better efficiency and visibility - making it possible to implement rapid business analysis and improvements.

Key benefits

Towers Watson Towers Watson

Towers Watson

Rapid and secure API integration

A new system is developed to deliver to superannuation members a complete view of their financial information, from multiple secure data sources, and previously not available in real-time.

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Since 1983, Multibase has delivered business IT Software solutions and consulting services, building long-term relationships with customers in industries reaching from government and not-for-profit to travel, asset management, property services, construction, business and financial services, and transport.

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