Software development

No matter what technology underpins your systems, the ultimate goal is to help your people do their jobs better and to help your business run more smoothly and more profitably.

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Why custom software development?

According to a recent Gartner report, the top performing organizations, on average, expect to develop 40% of their new critical solutions in-house, which is significantly higher than what typical and trailing performers reported (31% and 26%, respectively). The main reason for this custom software development need is because these organization's differentiating capabilities cannot be found via packaged SaaS or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications.

Gradual evolutionary steps are insufficient to catch (or leapfrog) competitors in your sector. The speed of change and innovation is stretching the capacity of software development organizations well beyond the breaking point of traditional best practices.


Why Multibase?

Multibase approach to software development

At Multibase, we choose products model over projects model, and leading IT organizations are moving in that direction.  A product model can be applied to any collection of business capabilities delivered in a coherent value stream to product users.

Product based approach allows you to manage the continuous backlog of software platform work in a way that will maximize value across the product lines and ecosystems that rely on that platform. This also pushes the prioritization decisions back on the business because it has to decide which items of work are the most valuable.

Key benefits