Domain Name Hosting

Our fully managed Domain Name Service is designed to assist customers with the expert
management of their domain names, with an emphasis on personalised service.

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Domain name registration and renewal

At Multibase, we provide seamless domain registration, renewal, and transfer service with minimal or no down time. We reach out to customers who has not responded to domain renewal statements to ensure renewals are done time which may otherwise cause downtime. This way you can be assured that your renewals will be taken care even if you have missed a couple of emails. Our Australian based domain name experts have extensive knowledge in the registration, renewal and transfer process.

Key benefits

All domain names must comply with the new auDA policy. For more details on the Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities go to the ICANN website. Domain registrations are valid for a period of 2 years.


Domain Type Service Fee Registration / Renewal Biyearly Charge
.au,, $60 $37 $97, $60 $45 $105 $60 $37 $97
.com $60 $37 $97
.net $60 $43 $103
.org $60 $39 $99
.co $60 $56 $116 $60 $60 $120
.biz $60 $40 $100
.info $60 $36 $96

Managed Domain hosting

Multibase domain name hosting service is fully managed which means we take care of all the technical stuff like A record, CNAME, SPF, MX and so on. Our domain experts can also assist with resolving domain and email verification related issues. We utilise highly available and scalable cloud-based Domain Name System. Our system supports use of a CNAME record as your root record. This overcomes the traditional DNS limitation which requires the root record of a domain needed to point to an IP address.


  Service Fee Yearly Charge
Annual domain hosting, management, and maintenance   N/A $110.00 pa
Initial Domain name hosting setup
  • Variable based on request
  • Minimum charge: $117.50
Modifications, deletions, or additions subject to standard hourly service fee
  • Variable based on request
  • Minimum charge per request: $117.50

*All prices are excluding GST     *Prices are subject to change