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Is your business missing out on the benefits of being mobile ready?

The research is in

The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that Australians consumed 19,636 Terabytes of data on their mobile phones last year. This staggering number represents a 43% increase on figures from the previous year, so it's a safe bet that when the ABS releases this year's numbers, they'll be even higher.

Telstra says there are more Australian consumers who own a smartphone and access the internet daily on it than there are in the US and the UK. Almost a quarter of mobile users are searching more often on their mobile than their notebook or desktop, and 79% of buyers are researching products and services on their phone at some point in their buying journey.

In Telstra's mobility in retail whitepaper, industry executive Gareth Jude talks about the opportunities retailers have to engage with customers more deeply and reach them earlier in their decision making process.

Think this applies only to retail? Think again: experts know that retail consumer markets are always ahead of business markets, and growth in mobile web use has exploded. Telstra's figures also show that this is not just a Gen Y trend: more than 40% of smartphone users are over 40 years of age.

So what do these stats mean for your businesses?

The takeaway is that your site needs to offer a good experience for mobile users, so you're not missing out on getting your message across to a growing number of customers who are spending more time browsing and researching on their iPhone or Galaxy. Research tells us that people will leave a site within seconds if they can't see what they're looking for quickly. If your site wasn't built to work on mobiles, they're unlikely to spend the time zooming and pinching on their phone to work out what your message is, or why they should choose you for their project.

If your site isn't showing them your most important and relevant information in easy to read format, or they can't swipe through the pictures of your best work with their thumbs, chances are they'll look elsewhere - people who spend a lot of time on the web can be an unforgiving audience, and there's a lot of them.

What makes a great mobile site?

  1. Speed: typically less text and lighter graphics than desktops sites, so your site opens fast and uses less data on mobile devices.
  2. Easy navigation: a condensed menu with only the most important links, no scrolling or zooming, and easy to use with fingers and thumbs.
  3. Readability: large and legible text that makes reading on a small screen much easier.
  4. Content: people don't read so much on mobiles, so less graphics and only the most important information to help them find and understand your message quickly.
  5. Click to call: one click connection to you by phone or email and maybe a very simple 'contact me' form.
  6. Maps and location: embedded maps to find you quickly using the phone's GPS.
  7. Social connections: make networks like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook work for you to connect with your customers, allow them to tell their friends about your business and make recommendations.

Remember - your mobile site can be a great ad for your business, or a really bad one.

Ensure your site is mobile ready

Get in touch with us for a complimentary review of your website to see if it’s mobile ready, and we’ll provide you with a list of recommendations and top tips on how to get your site working for mobile users.