System integration streamlines your systems for clarity, efficiency and productivity

A common phenomenon for businesses that have been around for a number of years is the 'legacy system sprawl'. This is where you started out with one system many years ago and have since added to it, brought in off-the-shelf products and tacked on new technology as it emerges.

System integration in this situation is 'hopeful' rather than 'helpful'. But hope only lasts so long. And without system integration expertise you're probably losing money, time and productivity.

We've found that some businesses put off a system integration project because they're worried the costs are going to blow out. Whereas in truth - especially with an experienced system integration team like Multibase - the sooner you implement system integration the better off you'll be.

When you rely on a legacy system there is always the concern about how to balance keeping the old (the value of your existing system and data) with introducing the new (better functionality and performance).

Greater visibility brings new business intelligence

System integration is not just about smooth technology. In fact, when system integration is done right, this aspect is virtually invisible. You should never be aware of technology - at its best it is seamless.

What does become visible, with effective system integration, is increased business intelligence. Because all of the unnecessary processes are eliminated and systems are streamlined, you're able to see things about your business that may previously have been invisible.

  • Opportunities for improvements across all areas - productivity, cost reduction, profitability
  • Save time and money by integrating off-the-shelf systems with each other and with your existing systems
  • Extend off-the-shelf products with enhanced custom functionality
  • Create new APIs to preserve the value in legacy systems
  • Optimise and extend the life of existing software systems

Bring disparate systems together and stop the sprawl. With Multibase system integration you will gain better efficiency and visibility - making it possible to implement rapid business analyses and improvements.

Please contact us for a free consultation to see how and where your systems can be integrated for reduced costs and better performance.