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Strategic extensions extend the life of core accounting systems

With strategic extensions to a bespoke accounting system for the building industry, DMG was able to achieve an additional 15 years of productive life its legacy accounting system, at a fraction of the cost of a packaged system.

Business need

De Martin and Gasparini’s bespoke accounting system developed over some 12 years from a batch entry application a system with a graphic user interface and complex business rules aligned the system with the business needs. Considered a legacy system, the customer took a strategic decision to align its accounting system with its new owners packaged solution in the face of a merger.

Key challenges

The accounting system contained complex business rules, reflecting the underlying complexity of the business and the fact that it was managing a complex payroll, job costing and daily resource allocation. The company had been split into 4 separate entities and yet day to day functions needed to be managed as one company.


Extensive research demonstrated that there was no packaged system available that contained the capabilities of the existing system. In addition, the potential cost was prohibitive. Multibase extended the existing system to manage resource allocation and payroll functions from one central point with the updating to the four companies done behind the scenes and totally invisible to data entry staff.


The system’s useful life was extended for another 15 years, at a fraction of the cost of a packaged solution. Costs were avoided on purchase, integration and training.

Customer information

De Martin and Gasparini is a large Sydney-based concrete contracting company, managing multiple concurrent projects, employees and contractors. It is part of the Boral group of companies.