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Trust in an experienced full service provider

Technology is no longer peripheral to service delivery and efficiency. Government agencies are under increasing pressure and scrutiny to be transparent and deliver with excellence.

In fact, government bodies are often now measured against commercial businesses in terms of performance, service and output. If your technology is lagging behind or is not fully integrated this can lead to problems with productivity, efficiency and reporting.

Online service delivery is also becoming an increasingly essential part of general service provision. When it comes to government departments or agencies, this can present a challenge. The scope is often broad - both logistically and geographically.

You want to partner with a full service provider with extensive experience and many successful outcomes with government projects. Multibase provides that level of expertise. It's the combination of technology expertise and vast experience with the particular compliance and security demands of government related projects that really sets us apart.

Create value and increase stakeholder engagement and confidence

Whether your work is with the general public or another specific group of stakeholders, the demand for efficient, reliable and transparent services is paramount. Multibase has a commitment to quality services and problem solving that means you get the very best solutions to support staff internally and meet all of your service goals. Services and outcomes you can expect include:

  • Consultation services focused on security and privacy, continuity and compliance
  • Assistance with strategic development and deployment of services
  • Full cycle development services for custom and off the shelf solutions that includes design, development, maintenance, hosting and support
  • Increase the reach of online service delivery with mobility and instant access to information
  • Improve the quality and scope of online service delivery with secure remote data access and integration of back end systems
  • Leverage previous technology investments and create value by integrating and enhancing existing systems
  • Save money with secure, outsourced data centre hosting and managed services, including disaster recovery and payments

Please contact us for a free consultation. Whether you require development, hosting or mobility services, or a combination of all of these, we can provide the kind of expertise to give you complete confidence.