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What is Data Virtualisation

Data virtualization offers an innovative data consolidation and integration technology that contrasts sharply with most alternative data integration solutions which rely on moving a copy of the data to a new, consolidated source.

Rather than moving the data, data virtualization provides a view of the data, leaving the source data exactly where it is. This means that companies do not have to pay the costs of moving and housing the data, and yet they still gain the benefit of data integration.

Because data virtualization accommodates existing infrastructure in its existing state, it is relatively easy to implement, compared with other solutions. And because it provides a view of the data in real time, from a variety of systems that are normally very time consuming to integrate, such as transactional processing systems and cloud-based storage systems, it can support a wide variety of uses

About Denodo

Denodo is the leader in data virtualization providing agile, high performance data integration and data abstraction across the broadest range of enterprise, cloud, big data and unstructured sources as real-time data services at half the cost of traditional approaches.

Business Challenges

  • Need for faster, more accurate decision making - Significant increase in business speed & complexity of requirements, IT struggles to deliver in a timely fashion
  • Ensure business continuity amidst technology evolution - Migration of legacy systems to cloud, modernization of data and applications
  • Increased risk from regulations, data privacy and security - Exponential increase in regulations effecting data across geographies, departments and industries


Data virtualization presents a modern approach to data integration. Unlike ETL solutions, which replicate data, data virtualization leaves the data in source systems, simply exposing an integrated view of all the data to data consumers. As business users drill down into reports, data virtualization fetches the data in real time from the underlying source systems. Data virtualization proves that connecting to data is far superior to collecting it.

Features and benefits of the combined solution

Connect, introspect and manage any data source without data replication, combine and integrate business data views and consume and secure multi-format data views with the help of our industry expertise.

With our system experience, sell any business data faster, reduce data replication, and allow for cloud migration and multi-cloud deployment with minimal disruption and expense.

In order to gain more versatility, efficiency and scalability, businesses are increasingly embracing cloud technologies. Migrating apps and data from datacenter to cloud, however, poses challenges related to downtime, stability, enforcement and latency issues. The problems can be solved with proper use of Denodo data virtualization with our dedicated team and trained staff.


10 things you need to know about Data Virtualisation

So, what is data virtualization and why should you care? Here are 10 things you need to know.

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"Through 2022, 60% of all organizations will implement data virtualization as one key delivery style in their data integration architecture." - Gartner Market Guide for Data Virtualization, 16 November 2018