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A platform for growth for a not-for-profit family services provider

Integricare launches a new web site at modest cost, based on industry standard technologies, to present a new and modern face to the community. It provides access to information and services and can be leveraged in the future to provide access to information for remote workers.

Business need

Following an extensive strategic review and rebranding, Integricare wished to reflect its new identity in a new web site. It wanted to present to present an online image to its clients and potential clients which better reflects its intentions as an organisation, to offer new online services to its clients such as invoice payments, and to enable Integricare to manage the web site in-house.

Key challenges

  • Limited staff knowledge about web site content development, management and search optimisation
  • A big vision for the web site with a modest budget to deliver it
  • Technical longevity to ensure a return on investment
  • A graphic and technical design which was highly usable, met brand guidelines, and which could be managed easily by Integricare’s non-technical staff


Multibase delivered a fully hosted new web platform, the elcomCMS web content management system and implemented a new graphic design for the web site. Online payments were provided by a simple link to a bank service. A secure area was established where clients can access private information about their centre. To enable Integricare staff to learn to manage the web site in a practical way, Multibase delivered hands-on training sessions including content development, site management and image management. In the future, new modules on the same platform can deliver Intranet, extranet and with additional interactive features.


The complete solution, including training, enables Integricare to be intimately involved in the development of the web site. This means a greater sense of ownership and understanding to build knowledge within the Integricare team. The elcomCMS meets Integricare’s preference for a Microsoft-based solution, offering low risk, technical longevity, and the ability to extend the site in the future with additional modules or even custom development.

Customer information

Integricare is a not-for-profit Christian charitable organisation that has been providing family and children’s services since 1882. Integricare currently has a range of child care and family services and cares for more than 1800 children and families each year.