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Rapid and secure API integration

A new system is developed to deliver to superannuation members a complete view of their financial information, from multiple secure data sources, and previously not available in real time.

Business need

Watson Wyatt Australia needed to provide an internet presence for its superannuation business. An existing application and database run on a secure server with firewall protection hosted at the company's head offices. The in-house database developers are based in Melbourne but the web server is to be based in Sydney.

Key challanges

  • 3 months from commencement to launch
  • Integrating web server hosted in Sydney with database server located internally in Melbourne
  • Database API (Application Programming Interface) development to be done by Watson Wyatt programmers located in Melbourne
  • Security of in-house data and systems
  • Integrating data from a variety of sources


The Director, developed by Multibase, integrates the systems. This permitted the application server in Sydney to access the databases securely through a protected web service in Melbourne and present real time data to the users. Open source J2EE tools are used as the programming and hosting environment. The existing data sources remain protected and unchanged yet allow site users to make secure inquiries about their account and receive complete and customised information. Administrative staff update content. Site design is readily changeable and is customised for each separate by maintaining a single set of presentation rules.


The system was delivered within the 3 month time frame. The new site is a dynamic experience that is an extension of the company's existing business practice, helping to maximise the effectiveness of their existing web presence. The company's previous investments are protected and systems consolidated and centralised. No significant financial outlay is involved and ongoing costs for the project are minimised.

Customer information

Watson Wyatt (now Towers Watson) is the trusted business partner to the world's leading organizations on people and financial issues.